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Diodes Pericom: A product line of Diodes Incorporated

Low Dropout Regulators

Linear and LDO

Diodes Incorporated has a broad portfolio of LDO regulators that covers a wide range of specifications and performance for consumer, computing, communications, portable, and industrial applications.

The characteristics of low dropout voltage and low quiescent current provide great power savings in portable and low power applications. Most LDOs are designed to drive low ESR MLCC capacitors to reduce system-level manufacturing cost and improve control loop stability and transient response.

The fast transient response and start-up time help load circuitry move in and out of standby mode in real time and extend battery life. It also provides stable voltage regulation for fast DSPs and FPGAs with fast changing loads.

Built-in current-limit, short-circuit, and thermal protections prevent damage to ICs in fault or extreme operating conditions.

  • The characteristics of single LDOs provide great power savings in portable and low power applications.  More
  • Dual LDOs feature dual fixed output voltage with low quiescent current and fast start-up times.  More