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Low Dropout Regulators (LDOs)

Low dropout regulators (LDOs) are a simple and cost-effective way to provide a regulated output voltages from a higher input voltage. LDOs simplify the system design as an array of features that can focus on noise reduction, circuit protection, minimal power consumption, and extremely small footprints.

Diodes Incorporated has a broad portfolio of LDO regulators that covers a wide range of specifications and performance for consumer, computing, communications, portable, and industrial applications.

Our featured products, which encompass a wide array of capabilities, include ultra-low IQ, high PSRR, wide input voltage, small size and high current LDOs.


Featured Products

  Small-size LDOs | High PSRR LDOs | Low IQ LDOs | Wide Input Voltage LDOs | High Current LDOs | Automotive LDOs


Small-size LDOs:  Small form factor

Electronic miniaturization is now mainstream requiring chip-scale or near chip-scale components to meet the size and density requirements.  Diodes' Small-size LDOs accomplish this challenging task and deliver the same high-quality performance while consuming as little space as possible.  

Part Number Description Package Size (mm) Datasheet Order Options
AP7350 150mA, Ultra-Low IQ in Ultra-Small 0.64-mm x 0.64-mm WLCSP X2-WLB0606-4 (0.64×0.64) Download Buy Now 
AP7340 150mA, 1% Accuracy,  Low Noise LDO X2-DFN1010-4 (1×1) Download Buy Now
AP7341 300mA, Low IQ for RF application X2-DFN1010-4 (1×1) Download Buy Now
AP7346 Dual 130mA, High Accuracy Current Limit X2-DFN1212-6 (1.2×1.2) Download Buy Now
AP7342 Dual 150mA, High PSRR, Low Noise LDO X2-DFN1212-6 (1.2×1.2) Download Buy Now
AP7344 Dual 300mA, High PSRR LDO X2-DFN1612-8 (1.6×1.2) Download Buy Now
AP7348 Quad 300mA, High PSRR LDO X2-DFN1612-8 (1.6×1.2) Download Buy Now
AP7353 250mA, High PSRR LowNoise LDO with Enable WLB0707-4 (0.7 V 0.7) Download Buy Now


High PSRR LDOs: Clean up your power supply DIO 6592 PR Image AP7330 MR

High PSRR LDOs effortlessly power any system in a rough power supply environment. They provide high rejection on the power supply noise to provide clean, DC power to ensure system reliability.


Part Number Description PSRR (dB) Datasheet Order Options
AP7330 300mA, Low Noise LDO with Enable 80 Download Buy Now
AP7340 150mA, 1% Accuracy,  Low Noise LDO 75 Download Buy Now
AP7343 300mA, Low Dropout with Enable (SOT25) 75 Download Buy Now
AP7353 250mA, High PSRR LowNoise LDO with Enable (DFN1010, WLB0707) 90 Download Buy Now
AP7361C 1A, Low Dropout with Short Circuit Protection 75 Download Buy Now


Low I Q LDOs:  Save powerUltra Low Quiescent Current 150mA LDO DIO 6561 PR Image AP7354 MR

Every day more and more battery-powered products are being introduced into our daily lives. Low IQ LDOs can help to extend the battery life of these essential devices. Preserving energy is the task of today’s electronic devices, and by minimizing the quiescent current of an LDO, our products help to achieve low standby power across a variety of applications.


Part Number Description IQ (µA) Datasheet Order Options
AP7350 150mA, Ultra-Low IQ, in Ultra-Small 0.64-mm x 0.64-mm WLCSP 0.25 Download Buy Now
AP7351 150mA, Ultra-Low IQ, in DFN1010 0.50 Download Buy Now
AP7354 150mA, Ultra-Low IQ, Low-Dropout 0.25 Download Buy Now
AP2138 250mA, Low IQ LDO 1 Download Buy Now
AP2139 250mA, with Fast Output Discharge 1 Download Buy Now


Wide Input Voltage LDOs

Diodes’ wide input voltage LDOs, up to 40 volts, provide simple, cost-effective solutions to supply MCUs, Embedded systems, sensors, and other active components when facing a high-voltage environment. The high accuracy and current limit functions make any design more reliable and robust.


Part Number Description VIN Max (V) Datasheet Order Options
AP2205 200mA, high accuracy, high ripple rejection, low dropout voltage, low noise, current limit, and ultra-low quiescent current 24 Download Buy Now
AP7370 300mA high accuracy, low dropout voltage, current limit, reverse current protection, and ultra-low quiescent current 18 Download Buy Now
AP7380 150mA, Ultra-Low IQ, +/-1% Accuracy LDO with Current Limit and Enable 24 Download Buy Now
AP7383 150mA, Ultra-Low IQ, Low dropout voltage With Excellent Line/Load Regulation 30 Download Buy Now
AP7381 150mA, Low IQ, With Short Current Protection Function 40 Download Buy Now
AP7384 50mA, Low IQ, With Excellent Line/Load Regulation 40 Download Buy Now


High-current LDOs: Heavy load, Avoid switching noise img-121220144257.jpg

Switching noise can threaten performance in many applications. Our high current LDOs up to 3A provides clean, accurate, and efficient power for those heavy, sensitive loads. Additional High-PSRR featured LDOs eliminate ripple, offer high output accuracy (1% max), and deliver low dropout of 330mV and below.

Part Number Description IOUT (A) Datasheet Order Options
AP7366 600mA, Low IQ with Fast Transient 0.6 Download Buy Now
AP7361C 1A, Low IQ With Short Circuit Protection 1 Download Buy Now
AP7173 1.5A, With Programmable Soft-Start 1.5 Download Buy Now
AP7176B 3A, Ultra Low Dropout LDO With Enable 3 Download Buy Now


Automotive LDOs: Compliant to AEC-Q100 with a Grade 1 (-40C to +125C) temperature ratingAP7315Q-image.jpg

Diodes Automotive LDOs feature a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of 75dB at 1kHz to deliver stable output voltages suitable for automotive applications, such as point of load power supplies in ADAS, RF communications, cameras, and infotainment systems. The products are available with or without an output discharge function.

Part Number Description IOUT (mA) Datasheet Order Options

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