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AC-DC Chargers and Adapters

Most modern day electronics equipment requires DC power to properly operate. In turn, DC powered electronic equipment could be directly converted from AC sources or through rechargeable batteries charged by chargers or adaptors.

Based on isolated flyback and non-isolated high-voltage buck regulators for a mass volume market, Diodes has developed various high performance and yet cost-effective AC-DC controllers, switchers and related IC chips for both primary side and secondary side regulation to address wide ranges of power applications, including: classical chargers, quick chargers, small home appliances, mid-power set-top boxes and networking.

To facilitate ease of product adoption for customers, Diodes has developed various end-product form-factor platform solutions for popular AC-DC chargers and adapters as reference designs. The reference design kits include evaluation boards, user guides, document system specification and performance benchmarks for user evaluation and customization.

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Classic Charger

Quick Charger

Mid-Power Settop / Networking Adaptor

Small Home Appliance Power

Supporting Discrete Components for Power Solution




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