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Motor Control

Motor control


An intelligent approach to electronic system cooling is important for efficient system design. Air movement needs to be optimized, power consumption needs to be closely controlled and the audible noise and electromagnetic interference a motor generates needs to be kept to a minimum.

Diodes Incorporated offers four controller families and a variety of hall effect latches that provide an effective solution to brushless DC fans, motors, blowers and pumps. Ranging from the highly integrated but simple to use "all-in-one" products to the flexible feature rich pre-drivers, the product line suits a wide range of applications from netbooks, notebooks, instrumentation, desktop PCs, servers, cooling of LED light engines to industrial pumps and blowers.

Diodes fully supports the BLDC motor and fan market with Hall effect drivers and pre-drivers, complemented by world class bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, full bridge and half bridges, gate drivers and current monitors.

  • BLDC All-in-One motor drivers offer highly integrated single chip solutions available in single, two and three phase motors.  More
    • Single phase BLDC all-in-one motor drivers offer high performance with low noise and PWM speed control.  More
    • BLDC All-in-One two phase motor drivers offer operating voltage capability up to 28V.  More
  • BLDC smart motor drivers include highly integrated and flexible solutions with a wide supply voltage range of 2V to 24V.  More
  • BLDC motor pre-drivers offer high-performance, flexible and scalable BLDC motor control solutions.  More
    • Diodes Incorporated offers highly featured single phase motor control pre-drivers for a high performance and reliable solution.  More
    • Two phase BLDC pre-drivers offer complementary open Darlington emitter outputs.  More
  • Brushed DC motor control drivers are designed for low noise, high efficiency and flexibility.  More