Diodes Incorporated


In today’s connected world, networking is the backbone that keeps all the data continuously flowing to our cellphones, computers and TV. Networking consists of multiple products including switches, routers and base stations connected to each other linking everyone together. Diodes Incorporated has multiple products that are used in the networking space which include high performance Timing devices, these provide both performance and flexibility as a timing source and provide multiple fanouts of clock signals for large systems. Diodes Incorporated switch products provide a way to switch between various data sources and Diodes Incorporated range of signal integrity solutions which enable data signals to be transmitted over long distances with clean signal conditions.

Base station

Diodes Incorporated has a range of products that can be integrated into the Radio Interface Unit (RIU) and the Baseband Unit (BBU) of the base station. More

Routers and Switches

Diodes Incorporated - discrete, analog, mixed signal IC solutions for networking applications More


Diodes Incorporated offers ultra-small packaging solutions that enable mobile phone designers smaller form factors while still providing enhanced features. More

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth® Module

Diodes Incorporated has the various components needed to enable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules function at their optimum and also be used in different systems. More

Optical Transceiver Modules

Ultra-low jitter timing for Optical Transceiver Modules: provide higher transmission rates, higher capacity, lower per-bit cost, and lower power consumption. More

PCIe Clock ICs for 5G CPE

PCIe 1.0 to PCIe 5.0 Timing ICs, Clock Generators & Clock Fanout Buffers with 2 to 20 Outputs, for wireless 5G CPE Reference. More