Diodes Incorporated


Double Data Rate (DDR) synchronous dynamic RAM is a key technology for interfacing system CPUs to local memory. To help OEMs maintain data integrity and reliability in DDR-based systems, Diodes Incorporated offers its industry-leading switching and clocking technologies.  

Diodes Incorporated switches are the fastest in the industry and offer the lowest skew to give developers greater margin and simplify board design of high-speed systems. Combined with a wide bus width and flexible packaging, these devices are ideal for a variety of high availability networking and communications equipment, including RAID storage, servers, data duplication equipment, and workstations, as well as for medical devices and other embedded systems.

Diodes Incorporated is also a leader in timing technology across a variety of applications and protocols. Its clocking devices provide excellent physical performance combined with low jitter, low power, and zero-delay buffers optimized for blade and rack servers to ensure reliable operation and minimize data errors.

Diodes Incorporated DDR products are just one part of an expansive portfolio of timing, switching, bridging, and signal conditioning components. With devices optimized for protocols such as PCI Express, SAS / SATA, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, USB, and many others, Diodes Incorporated is able to provide the connectivity you need for your entire design.  


Diodes Incorporated DDR3 switch offers a low cost, compact alternative to traditional battery-backed memory circuitry to save SRAM data during a power failure. More


DDR2 clocking devices provided by Diodes Incorporated are built on industry-leading technology that provides excellent physical performance. More


DDR1 clocking devices from Diodes Incorporated are built on industry-leading technology to offer excellent physical performance and minimize power consumption. More