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  • This list contains our easy-to-use calculator files.   More
  • The part cross reference feature allows the user to enter a partial or full competitor part number and conduct a site search.   More
  • The Hall Effect Sensors Part Selector assists in quickly finding the parts that best fit an application.  More
  • Use the online Crystal and Oscillator Product Selection Tool to get exact details and datasheets of our broad portfolio  More
  • The Evaluation Board User Guides provide part descriptions, specifications, key features, applications, and more.   More
  • The Diodes Circuit Simulator is a free downloadable simulator which allows you to draw a circuit which can be tested in simulation prior to prototyping.   More
  • The Spice Model section allows the user to search spice models, as well as review biploar, darlington, MOSFET, and Diodes spice models.   More
  • Here is an index of quick guides showing good design practices and demonstrations as well as other product-related videos.  More