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Optical Transceiver Modules

Increasing adoption of smart devices and rising data traffic, and growing demand for cloud computing applications raise greater bandwidth, concurrency ratio, and real-time requirements on networks. The demand for higher capacity, lower per-bit cost, and lower power consumption are driving the transmission rates of optical modules ever higher. Diodes Incorporated offers ultra-low jitter timing sources for optical modules to achieve a high data rate with plenty of jitter margin. 

Ultra-Low Jitter Crystal Oscillators for Optical Transceiver Modules

Part Number Datasheet Output Logic Output Freq. (MHz) Idd (mA) Vdd (V) Integrated Phase Jitter Package Size (mm)
UF33F6202Z LVDS 156.25 25 2.5~3.3 0.09ps max 3.2x2.5
UF23F6203Z LVDS 156.25 25 2.5~3.3 0.09ps max 2.5x2.0
UF32F6204Z LVPECL 156.25 50 2.5~3.3 0.09ps max 3.2x2.5
UF22F6201Z LVPECL 156.25 50 2.5~3.3 0.09ps max 2.5x2.0

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