Diodes Incorporated

White Papers

  • PSR-Based 0W Standby Power USB Type-C® PD3.0 Chargers
    Key principles for achieving 0W standby power consumption in 15W USB PD chargers and how to implement it.
    April 2023
  • Extending Diodes’ Holistic Solution to Ultra-High-Power-Density Low Standby Power Adapter Design – 140W PD3.1 EPR AVS: USB Power Delivery (PD) has been upgraded from the previous PD3.0 programmable power system (PPS, 3.3V to 21V output, 20mV/step, 50mA/step) to a new PD3.1 extended power range (EPR) adjustable voltage supply (AVS) with a 100mV/step adjustment. By extending EPR voltage cover to 28V/36V/48V, PD3.1 can serve higher-power applications up to 240W, given that the maximum current for a USB Type-C® cable is 5A.
    March 2023
  • Hall Effect Position Sensors and Their Use in Automotive Applications: The demand for compact, accurate position sensors in automotive applications is projected to grow substantially to $1.6bn by 2026. This growth is largely being driven by electrification, not only of the traction system but also of auxiliary functions such as power steering and the clutch. As the number of applications for motors in automobiles continues to grow, it is necessary to have some way to accurately track the position and speed of the rotors they contain.
    February 2023
  • Adding 15W USB-C into Automotive Applications: USB-C's interconnectivity and interoperability have unified consumer connectivity including automotive for in-vehicle connectivity. The momentum behind the USB Type-C connector standard, now being adopted in new smartphones and other consumer devices, is overtaking the automotive industry.
    November 2022
  • How LEDs Are Redefining Lighting and the Role of LED Drivers: Industry analysts predict strong LED growth in the near future, with the global LED lighting market reaching more than $38 billion in 2021 (although there are widely varying estimates—some much higher than this figure) and an annual growth rate of 9.5%.
    March 2022
  • Holistic Solution to Ultra-High-Power-Density Charger Design: The battery capacity of mobile devices continues increasing to meet operation time requirements for killer applications such as 5G mobile phones and gaming notebook PCs.
    November 2021
  • Integrated Load Switches: Integrated Load Switches Bring Efficient Load Management and Reliable System Protection even to Wearables and IoT Applications
    March 2021
  • Alternative Power Sources in the IoT: Where offline power (AC supply) and batteries are not practical, what other ways are there to power IoT endpoints? Discover options available for alternative power sources in the IoT, and how these technologies can be used in practice. 
    July 2020
  • PCIe® – What can it do for me? The evolution of PCIe, meeting data center demands, high-speed interfaces, and future-proofing your design with PCIe.
    June 2020
  • Moving to USB 3.2 with Power Delivery over USB Type-C® will open up new applications for the Universal Serial Bus. From introduction of the USB Type-C® connector, which has the hallmarks of being a disruptive technology, to understanding why, along with the strengths of the USB standard, as well as the market conditions that are influencing its continued evolution.
    July 2019
  • Quartz Crystal Technology White paper: Considerations when designing-in a clock source, and types of clock circuits. There is a particular focus on crystal oscillators as the most important class of clock circuit.
    November 2018
  • USB 2.0/ USB 3.0 Whitepaper: Key parameters for USB 2.0/ USB 3.0 Switches and Key Applications.
    January 2015
  • Signal Integrity Whitepaper: Overcoming Advanced Signal Integrity Issues in High-Speed Systems. Restoring signal Integrity with signal conditioning. Optimizing Signal Integrity. Protocol independence. 
    October 2014