Diodes Incorporated


Serial RapidIO (SRIO) is a high-performance interconnect technology used to connect multiple processors, FPGAs, or DSPs together in a system. Among its primary applications are wireless base stations and embedded and industrial systems. With data rates up to 6.25 Gbps per lane, each direction, OEMs need to be able to maintain signal integrity across the entire signal chain, beginning at the clock source. 

Diodes Incorporated offers an extensive selection of timing solutions for use in SRIO-based designs, including crystal oscillators (XOs) optimized for base SRIO frequencies that provide excellent physical performance combined with low jitter and low power optimized to your specific application. Also available are single-chip buffering solutions with up to 10 flexible outputs and the industry’s lowest additive jitter of 0.03 ps to minimize signal degradation and provide a larger jitter margin for designs.

All of Diodes Incorporated's timing components are designed for both low power operation and efficient power consumption. Flexible packaging is available to meet the specific cost, performance, and power needs of your application. Diodes Incorporated is a true alternate source of timing and frequency control products (FCP) with its own oscillator manufacturing capabilities. Its vertically integrated supply chain offers OEMs, the benefits of in-house design, mass production and supply capacity, consistent quality control, excellent lead time, and superior cost.