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Power Management

Diodes’ growing portfolio Power Management Solutions includes Low Drop Out (LDO) Voltage Regulators, µP Supervisors, and Power Management Solutions for Portable/Low Power Applications. These products offer customers superior performance in small packages to allow energy efficient power system design. Value-add features significantly reduce current consumption and provide design flexibility for product differentiation. 

  • Diodes Incorporated offers a comprehensive range of AC-DC converter products supporting a wide range of applications and markets.  More
  • Diodes Incorporated has developed a wide portfolio of switching regulators with input voltages up to 40V and output voltages down to 0.6V.  More
    • Integraged power stage converters feature integrated power switches to make designing with them easier and to minimize component count.  More
    • External power stage controllers using external switches offer increased flexibility to system board designers.  More
  • Diodes Incorporated's LED driver solutions are not only recognized for their high efficiency and simplicity.  More
    • Diodes' offline LED drivers provide a simple cost-effective solution for offline lamps, which includes retrofit lamps as well as T5/T8/T10/T12 replacements.  More
    • Diodes' medium voltage DC-DC high brightness LED drivers combine a small footprint and high power density with operating voltage up to 60V.  More
    • Diodes' low voltage DC-DC high brightness LED drivers are targeted at battery powered systems for general illumination applications.  More
    • Diodes' linear LED drivers provide a simple cost-effective solution to driving low-current, high-brightness LEDs.  More
    • Diodes' LED drivers for Displays/LCD screens consist of high-efficiency and high-switching frequencies make them well suited to modern consumer equipment.  More
    • Diodes’ Flash LED drivers utilize high switching frequencies to minimize external component size and reduce BOM costs.   More
  • Diodes Incorporated offers four controller families and a variety of hall effect latches that provide an effective solution.  More
    • BLDC All-in-One motor drivers offer highly integrated single chip solutions available in single, two and three phase motors.  More
    • BLDC smart motor drivers include highly integrated and flexible solutions with a wide supply voltage range of 2V to 24V.  More
    • BLDC motor pre-drivers offer high-performance, flexible and scalable BLDC motor control solutions.  More
    • Brushed DC motor control drivers are designed for low noise, high efficiency and flexibility.  More
  • Gate drivers provide a simple means of switching power MOSFETs and IGBTs with an easy interface between the controller and the MOSFET/IGBT switches.  More
  • Diodes Incorporated battery management IC portfolio cover charging and protecting Li-Ion cells.  More
    • Diodes' battery protection ICs are single chip protection solutions specially designed for 1-cell Li+ rechargeable battery pack application.  More
    • Overvoltage protection ICs are designed to protect PMICs for portable applications such as UMPCs, smartphones and others utilizing battery power.  More
  • Broad portfolio of Low Dropout Regulators including low quiescent current, low noise, high PSRR, and wide input range LDOs   More
  • Diodes Incorporated protected switches are integrated high-side power switches providing both over-current and over-temperature protection.  More
    • eFuse products are resettable electronic fuses with programmable rise times.  More
    • With their low RDS(ON), Diodes Incorporated’s Load Switches offer the ability to switch higher load currents while still providing built-in protection levels.  More
    • Diodes' USB power switches are offered in industry standard pin out and packaging and are available with both polarities of enable input.  More
  • The fundamental application of a MicroProcessor Supervisory/Reset IC/Voltage Detector circuit is to keep the microprocessor of a system under control.  More