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Bipolar Transistors

Diodes is the market leader when it comes to Bipolar transistors.

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By utilizing its wide line up of in-house packaging and superior silicon technology, Diodes is ideally positioned to meet your application needs for Bipolar transistors.

Continued Innovation

The Bipolar transistor portfolio is built on successive generations of our innovative matrix emitter process. Years of know-how, leading edge designs and process innovation have extended our leadership in building ultra-low saturation, fast switching transistors.

Best-in-Class Performance

With focus on optimizing processes for the lowest saturation voltage, reduced die area and subsequently improved switching performance, the consequent reduction in power dissipation allows ever smaller surface mount packages, which still meet the demands of the target applications. The inherent ruggedness to ESD of the Bipolars along with their very low specific on-resistance also make them very cost effective alternatives to MOSFET technology in a wide range of circuit topologies.

Application-Specific Products

Market demands for improved electronic systems solutions, whether in terms of improved efficiency, increased power density, or just cost reduction, drive all our application specific products.

Avalanche transistors, Gate drivers and H-bridge devices have all been developed to create dedicated solutions driven by customer needs and combine the benefits of the exceptional transistor die performance with Diodes packaging expertise.


The majority of the products in the Diodes' Bipolar transistor portfolio are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Automotive Electronic Council specification AECQ101.

  • The BJT portfolio covers the majority of transistor requirements with voltages ranging from less than 25V to over 100V.  More
    • Diodes' < 30V Transistors feature very low equivalent on-resistance and low collector-emitter saturation voltages.  More
    • Diodes' 30V to 59V Transistors are ideally suited for automated assembly processes, medium power switching or amplification applications.  More
    • Diodes' 60V to 100V Transistors feature low saturation voltages and epitaxial planar die construction.  More
    • Diodes' > 100V Transistors feature excellent hFE characteristics and space saving designs.  More
    • Diodes’ Darlington Transistors are best suited for relay and solenoid driving, as well as linear regulator applications.  More
    • Diodes' Matched Pairs are built with adjacent die from a single wafer: DC Current Gain, hFE, VCE(sat), VBE(sat) are matched to a 2% maximum tolerance.  More
  • Special function devices utilize a wide line up of in-house packaging and superior silicon technology to meet customers' application needs.  More
    • High-voltage linear regulators are designed with high input voltage rating, line and load regulation with a small footprint.  More
    • Special function LED drivers are designed to simplify the driving of LED strings.  More
    • Special function relay drivers offer Zener clamps, fully integrated design with robust output-input isolation.  More
    • Synchronous MOSFET controllers include CCM, DCM, CrCM and QR modes of operation.  More
    • H-Bridge transistors provide low on-state losses, low drive requirements and compact packaging.  More
    • Active OR’ing Controllers replace the standard rectifier to reduce the forward voltage drop and overall increase the power transfer efficiency.  More
    • Ideal Diode Controller  More
  • Avalanche transistors are developed to meet customer needs and combine the benefits of transistor die performance with Diodes packaging.  More
  • Gate driver transistors are designed to minimize switching losses with emitter-follower configuration and optimized pin-out.  More
  • Pre-Bias Transistors feature epitaxial planar die construction, built-In biasing resistors and surface mount packages suited for automated assembly.  More
  • Transistor plus Schottky devices feature low saturation transistors combined with Schottky diodes for thin applications.  More