Diodes Incorporated


DisplayPort is the first display interface for digital video applications to packetize data transmission similar to the way protocols like Ethernet, USB, and PCI Express operate. Rather than using fixed differential pairs transmitting pixels and a clock signal like HDMI / DVI or LVDS standards, DisplayPort sends small data packets with an embedded clock. The use of packets in this manner gives DisplayPort extensibility to allow new features to be added over time without requiring significant changes to the physical interface.

With revision 1.2, DisplayPort supports 3840 x 2160 resolution and pushes signaling rates up to 17.28 Gbps. To provide reliable video transport, it is critical for engineers to maintain signal integrity across the interface. In addition, engineers must address challenging routing and signal integrity issues when designing DisplayPort links that support a total throughput greater than 21 Gbps.  

Diodes Incorporated's DisplayPort ReDrivers/repeaters improve signal integrity through signal conditioning to provide developers with greater design flexibility to reliably drive signals over longer cables or trace distances. Alternatively, developers can use the increased signal margin to simplify system design and/or allow the use of less expensive components to reduce system cost.

Key features of Diodes' switches for DisplayPort include:

  • Flexibility signal conditioning that can pass through source pre-emphasis or regenerate pre-emphasis levels as required by the application.
  • Efficient design through lead-free, small footprint TQFN packaging that eliminates higher costs associated with BGA packaging.
  • High-definition graphics supported at rates up to 17.28 Gbps while eliminating deterministic signal jitter.
  • Port expansion capabilities that enable a single DisplayPort transmitter to support multiple DisplayPort connectors within a system.
  • Integrated level shifting and signal conditioning that support both DisplayPort and HDMI at 2K/4K ultra HD resolution with an integrated redriver to restore signal integrity while level shifting between DisplayPort and HDMI.