Diodes Incorporated

Blade Server

Diodes Incorporated provides key serial connectivity, signal conditioning, switching and timing solutions for the growing server and storage market segments. Our cost-effective ReDriver solutions extend trace and cable lengths across backplane, MB, and connectors. Our protocol-specific solutions which include PCI Express (PCIe) 1.0, 2.0, 3.0m SATA2, SATA3 and SAS2, USB3 and XAUI shorten the design cycle and offer optimized performance. Top-tier customers rely on our protocol-specific ReDrivers in blade, rack, pedestal, storage, sidecar, cabled, and ASSP server products in volume production worldwide. Diodes Incorporated also specializes in a wide variety of low jitter and low voltage clock generator/buffers, CMOS, PECL, LVDS/HCSL oscillators, and a family of ASSP oscillators specifically targeted to server and storage.

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