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Quick Charger

Quick chargers provide rapid charging capability by either raising output voltage beyond 5V with Type-A to Mini-B cable by sourcing larger output current beyond 2.0A through special cables capable of handling the larger current.  Typical quick-charging solutions consist of three major IC performing separate functions: PSR regulation,  SR regulation and protocol decoders. The protocol decoder interprets desired voltage and/or current or other quick-charging related information that is exchanged between chargers and mobile phones.

Reference Design:

  1. 15W Low-Cost Type C Charger (EV1 – AP3785T PSR Controller + APR34309C SR Switcher + AP43761 Type C Decoder)
  2. 18W/22W PD3.0 PPS / QC4/4+ Charger (EV1 AP39303 QR PWM+APR34709 SR+AP43771 Decoder)
  3. 18W QC3.0 SSR Premium Charger EV1
  4. 18W PD3.0 PPS Car Charger EV1.0 Board User Guide
  5. 18W C+A PD3.0+QC3.0 Adapter User Guide Rev 1.0
  6. 33W PD3.0 PPS / QC4/4+ Charger (EV1 AP3303 QR PWM+APR347 SR+AP43770 Decoder)
  7. 33W PD3.0 PPS / QC4/4+ Charger (EV2 AP3303 QR PWM+APR347 SR+AP43771 Decoder)
  8. 33W PD3.0 PPS Car Charger EV1.0 Board User Guide
  9. 45W USB PD 3.0 Adaptors (EV1 - AP3108L PWM Controller + APR346 SR Controller +CY2311 Decoder)
  10. 45W USB PD3.0 EV2 Adaptor Reference Design AP3108L + APR346 + AP43770
  11. 45W USB PD 3.0+PPS EV3 Compact Adaptor Reference Design User's Guide
  12. 60W USB C+A EV1 Adaptor Reference Design AP3108L+APR346_AP43770
  13. 65W USB PD3.0 EV1 Adaptor Reference Design AP3108L+APR346+ AP43770
  14. 57W Dual-Port 45W USB PD 2.0 and 12W Type A Adaptor (EV1 - AP3108L + APR346 SR Controller + CY2211 Decoder)