Diodes Incorporated

Analog Switches

Diodes' analog switches offer a wide voltage range, fast speeds, and advanced packaging options ideal for ultra mobility applications. These switch solutions feature low noise, low voltage and low on-resistance with 50 functions offered in SPST, SPDT, and Mux.


  • Low noise in 1.8 V - 17 V
  • 50 functions offered in SPST, SPDT, and Mux
  • Low voltage & low on-resistance combinations

Analog Video Switches

Two concerns observed by the majority of design engineers designing systems with analog video signals are the high current consumption the video DAC requires to drive an analog video display and the impedance linearity of the transmission lines that these signals travel across.

In terms of impedance linearity, this concern is larger when switches are added to the equation. However, with Diodes' patented charge-pump technology we are able to offer very flat Ron switches that provide ideal linearity in terms of impedance control such that signal routing is ideally accomplished. In terms of power consumption concerns, Diodes' patent-pending technology is able to turn off Video DACs when they are not needed by intelligently monitoring and detecting when VGA displays are connected or not to the Video source.

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