Diodes Incorporated


Our Class-D audio amplifier solutions are designed with optimized operating efficiency (maximizing play hours, especially for battery-driven applications), reduced power losses for less heat, and minimized board area—while delivering high-quality crystal-clear sound. Diodes’ patented filterless design with our low electromagnetic interference (EMI) architecture is capable of delivering efficiencies up to 92%, while eliminating the need for large output inductors typically required in traditional Class-D amplifier designs.

Technology highlights of our Class-D amplifiers include:

  • Volume control, integrated headphone amplifiers
  • Built-in spread spectrum modulation (SSM) for low EMI
  • Auto gain control and non-clip power limiting for pop-free listening
  • Short protection for DC-input or output-short conditions, over/undervoltage protection, and thermal foldback protection for optimized listening experiences

analog headphone amp

Our product portfolio comprises of both mono and stereo speaker drivers with max output power ranging from 3W to 50W, while typical Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N) is less than 0.5%. More features include:

  • DC volume control
  • Fixed or selectable gain settings for input adjustment
  • Integrated headphone amplifiers
  • Micropower shutdown support
  • Anti-pop/click circuitry
  • Anti-saturation output power limiting

To fit power-hungry and battery-driven applications while optimizing board area by eliminating the need for large output DC-blocking capacitors, our headphone amplifiers drive up to 100mW into 16Ω or 32Ω stereo at low quiescent current. 

All our piezo speaker drivers are equipped with automatic wakeup/shutdown control for overall system power savings; the typical nano-ampere shutdown current perfectly suited for IOT or wearable applications. With an integrated booster design, the output voltage can be as high as 36Vpp to maximize sound pressure levels (SPL) for household or in-person applications.

Featured Products:

Part Number Product Name


Volume/Gain Gain dB (Min) Gain dB (Max) SNR (dB) PSRR (dB) Package Outlines
PAM8908 25mW True CAP Free Stereo Headphone Driver 5.5 4 - 4-Settings -6 6 100 75 U-QFN3030-16 (Type B)
PAM8907 31VPP Output Piezo Sounder Driver With Boost Converter  5.5  <0.001 -  2-Step   -    -  -   - U-QFN2020-10
PAM8965 12W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier with Synchronous Boost, SSM and External Audio Feedback 8.5 10 90 Gain Pin Adjustable 6 26 100 67 W-QFN5050-40 (Type US)