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Crystal and Crystal Oscillator (XO)

Diodes Incorporated’s Frequency Controlled Products (FCP) consists of both quartz crystal resonators and crystal oscillators. Leveraging our own in-house crystal and IC design, Diodes Incorporated provides the best-in-class crystal (Xtal) and crystal oscillators (XO) optimized for your design requirements. 

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  • Download the Crystal and Oscillator Product Selection Tool to get exact details and datasheets of our broad portfolio.
  • Crystal oscillators (XO) low-jitter, tight-stability (±5 ppm) available in CMOS/TTL, LVPECL, LVDS, and HCSL output logic. In-circuit adjustment.  More
    • World's smallest (2mmx1.6mm) 32.768kHz Real-Time Crystal Oscillators (XO) and world's lowest power (  More
    • High-Temperature Crystal Oscillators (HX family) support up to 125°C (Ethernet, FiberChannel, SAS, XAUI) for CMOS/TTL, LVPECL, LVDS, CML, and HCSL output logic.  More
    • Programmable (NX) Crystal Oscillator XO series. Frequencies between 5MHz to 1,000MHz; and CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, CML, and HCSL output logic. Low jitter 0.3ps (RMS)  More
    • SSXO uses PLL and Spread-Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG) to synthesize and modulate the frequency of input crystal. Low electromagnetic interference (EMI).  More
    • Ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators (UX family) are specifically designed to achieve ultra-low jitter as low as sub 0.1ps. CMOS/ LVPECL/ LVDS/ XO family.   More
  • Diodes Incorporated TCXO / VCTCXO products are used to create a stable frequency reference over a prescribed temperature range with a clipped sinewave.  More
  • The comprehensive product portfolio of quartz crystal resonators includes ceramic surface-mount, HC-49/U, metal surface mount, tubular and plastic-molded.  More