Diodes Incorporated

32kHz Crystal Oscillator (XO)

Our 32.768kHz Crystal Oscillators (XO) have a superior performance for a wide range of applications. Among our offerings, is the world’s smallest 32.768kHz crystal oscillator (XO) with dimensions of only 2.0 x 1.6 mm (KM series). The KM series is designed to meet the challenges of miniaturization while maintaining superb accuracy of the timing signal. We also carry the KX series of crystal oscillators, which are the industry’s lowest power (at less than 10 µA) and tightest stability (+/- 20 ppm) 32kHz XOs. 

Due to many low-power and portable applications spending the majority of time in standby mode, it is critical for these systems to minimize standby power consumption. Our 32.768 kHz-based timing sources allow these systems to transition to standby mode quickly (<10ms) to maximize battery life without sacrificing the stability (± 20ppm) needed to maintain an accurate clock and calendar.

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