Diodes Incorporated

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth® Module

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless technology is ubiquitous today in many of our electronic devices. We have cellphones, laptops, home gateway boxes and even refrigerators that can be connected via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth to be synced or transfer large data files. Some manufacturers have Wi-Fi/Bluetooth designed right onto their main PCB board. However, many manufacturers of consumer electronic or appliances decide to focus on what they do best and leave the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth designs to module vendors who do those best and purchase the modules instead.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules need to be small and fit easily onto a customer’s end design. They also need to be able to plug into various different designs from different customers, thus the modules have to be built to withstand multiple different electrical scenarios. Diodes Incorporated has the various components needed to enable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules function at their optimum and also be used in different systems. We have timing solutions that can optimize performances and switches, LDOs and bridges that provide the versatility to connect to different interfaces and power domains.

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