Diodes Incorporated

Embedded Systems

The fast-growing embedded market is one of the most diverse in terms of end applications. Embedded systems include traditional general-purpose “embedded CPU” platforms such as medical, robotics, industrial control, and data acquisition applications—as well as video surveillance, automotive, point-of-sale, and other more specialized applications. We offer a wide variety of supporting products for all of these sub-segment platforms. These range from specialized timing products like processor-specific XOs and clocks; bridges that connect the latest PCIe-based embedded processor families; and legacy protocols such as PCI-X, PCI, USB, UART, and more. In fact, our timing, switching, and signal conditioning products are already used in most embedded platform applications with the most popular embedded processors.

Embedded processors can include CPU chipsets from major CPU vendors, SOC, and FPGA from major vendors which are used across all embedded segments. As an example, the FPGA-Diodes Incorporated block diagram illustrates the many I/O, power management, and timing functions that we can provide.