Diodes Incorporated

Linear and Low Dropout (LDO) Regulators

Our broad portfolio of Linear and Low Dropout Regulators cover a wide range of specifications and performance for consumer, computing, communications, portable, industrial, and automotive applications. They provide a simple, cost effective way to provide a regulated output voltage from a higher voltage source.

Our standard linear regulators include the popular industry-standard 78 series for meeting the needs of many low-cost projects. ZMR and ZSR devices provide local voltage regulation with low quiescent current, making them ideal for low-power applications. The ZXTR products allow for input voltages of 100 volts, which provide unique solutions for industrial and automotive applications.

Our Low Dropout Regulators (LDOs) simplify the system design with their low dropout voltages and an array of features that can focus on noise reduction, circuit protection, minimal power consumption, and extremely small footprints. Key elements within the portfolio encompass a wide array of capabilities, include ultra-low IQ, high PSRR, wide input voltage, and small-size, high-current LDOs.

For the harsh automotive environment, we have developed a portfolio of automotive-compliant products which are AEC-qualified, manufactured in TS16949 certified sites, and support PPAP documents.