Diodes Incorporated


Computers are now becoming more power conscious, thinner, lighter and smaller in size, and feature rich in terms of I/O inter-connectivity. I/Os such as Type-C (10Gbps), eSATA (6 G), DisplayPort (8.1 Gbps), HDMI (6 Gbps), USB 3.1 (10 Gbps), and PCIe (8 Gbps) are found all over the PC. Diodes Incorporated provides routing and signal integrity enhancing solutions for all of these I/O standards. Within the peripheral market such as monitors and printers, the same signals can be found and thus demanding similar solutions.

See our Type-C connector solution.

AIO / All-In-One

Diodes Incorporated products are widely used in All-In-One PC designs. More

Desktop PC

Diodes Incorporated's products are widely deployed on Desktop PC/MB. More


Diodes Incorporated helps by ensuring all high speed signals that need to travel through the docking station maintain its signal integrity. More

Graphic Card

With the help of Diodes Incorporated Video Switch solutions, a more flexible display configuration can be implemented in Graphic Card Units. More


Diodes serves a variety of customer needs for the broad market of monitors. More


We have a wide selection of Motherboards to fit every need. More


Diodes Incorporated's broad selections of high-speed next-generation devices are excellent match for this rapidly growing market. More