Diodes Incorporated

Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel, also known as FC, is a gigabit-speed network technology used primarily in storage area networking (SAN) applications. With data rates of 1, 2, 4, 8, and 10 Gbps, maintaining signal integrity in Fibre Channel systems becomes increasingly more difficult.

Diodes Incorporated offers a wide portfolio of products to help developers must minimize losses across the entire Fibre Channel signal chain, including redrivers/repeaters, switches, and timing devices supporting the base Fibre Channel frequencies.

Diodes Incorporated timing solutions for Fibre Channel provide excellent physical performance combined with low jitter and low power optimized to your specific application. The HiFlex® family of clock devices, for example, is a highly integrated solution providing up to 7 clock outputs on a single device. In addition to providing the multiple clocks a system may need – including GE, 10 GE, CPU clocks, memory clocks, etc. – designers can change clock frequencies to accommodate next-generation standards without having to completely redesign their system. Diodes Incorporated also offers crystal, crystal oscillator, and ASSP XO timing references, enabling OEMs to purchase a complete timing solution from a single source.

Diodes Incorporated industry-leading signal conditioning technology is the basis for its families of redrivers/repeaters that compensate for known channel losses at the transmitter and restore signal integrity at the receiver. To provide the most efficient and clear signal routing, its switches/multiplexers efficiently aggregate multiple I/O devices without compromising signal integrity. Key benefits include:

  • Unparalleled signal quality with the lowest jitter and attenuation available for the highest performance and reliability
  • Lowest crosstalk to minimize channel-to-channel and part-to-part skew, enabling reliable signaling over greater trace and cable lengths
  • Architectures designed for both low power operation and efficient power consumption
  • Flexible packaging to meet the specific cost, performance, and power needs of your application.

In addition, Diodes Incorporated enable efficient fan-out of clock signals through its FlexOut family of buffers. These devices offer:

  • Single-chip buffering solutions compared to traditional architectures which require multiple buffers, clock sources, or level shifting
  • Flexible output type with pin-selectable LVPECL.LVDS/HCSL outputs and dual independent banks to accommodate design changes with no software required
  • High performance up to 1.5 GHz with the industry’s lowest additive jitter of 0.03 ps to minimize signal degradation and provide more jitter margin for designs
  • Up to 10 output options, enabling integration of XOs and multiple buffers into a single device to reduce BOM cost, simple board design, and shrink system size

Diodes Incorporated is a true alternate source of timing and frequency control products (FCP) with its own oscillator manufacturing capabilities. Its vertically integrated supply chain offers OEMs the benefits of in-house design, mass production and supply capacity, consistent quality control, excellent lead time, and superior cost.

Diodes Incorporated continues to develop innovative technology that minimizes signal losses and maximizes performance and throughput, all while providing a flexible solution that meets your application needs at the lowest cost.