Diodes Incorporated

Protection Devices

Our protection devices offer a methodical balance of rugged quality and leading-edge performance to aide in successful first-time, right system designs for many applications. With TVS for ESD protection up to 30kV on datalines, low-capacitance TVS down to 0.15pF for high speed, footprints down to 0.4mm x 0.2mm, and the smallest industry-standard DFN package 0201, we provide best-in-class system-level ESD performance.

Our portfolio of protection devices are specifically designed to assist in system-level ESD protection for:

  • Automotive applications;
  • Audio and antenna protection;
  • Data communication;
  • Infotainment devices;
  • High-speed data lines;
  • Mobile communication;
  • PC and game consoles;
  • Set-top boxes (STB).