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 LED drivers

Our LED driver solutions utilize different types of design topologies providing the right voltage and current to drive and control various types of LEDs. There are many different options for devices to achieve this – with integrated MOSFETs, communication interfaces, and LDO will save the overall system BOM cost and reduce PCB layout.

The LEDs require components to drive and control them, providing the right voltage and current, and there are many different options for devices to do this – with integrated solutions often the best choice.

We have a wide portfolio selection of active components, which include LED controllers/drivers, application specific standard products (ASSPs) and power management integrated circuits (PMIC), for automotive and commercial lighting applications, that provide the high-efficiency, robustness and compactness needed for today’s and future intelligent lighting systems.

Several different circuit topologies can be used for driving and controlling LEDs. The particular topology chosen depends on the requirements of a specific application – the most common topologies available from Diodes include buck-boost, buck, boost, flyback and linear:

  • Buck: the simplest switching topology, which generates an output voltage lower than the input
  • Boost: generates an output voltage higher than the input
  • Buck-boost: used with varying input voltages that may go above or below the desired output voltage
  • Flyback: can be configured by the circuit designer to produce an isolated output voltage that can be either lower or higher than the primary side input.
  • Charge Pump: electrically simple circuits that uses capacitors for energy-charge storage to raise or lower voltage as one kind of DC-to-DC converter
  • Linear: lowest cost, simple scalability of the output current and channels, no switching magnetics (inductor)  providing an inherently better electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance

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