Diodes Incorporated

Tablet PC

Everyone wants the luxury of carrying around a tablet PC that is sleek and yet able to be used both as a document editor and also a movie player. Not only are tablet PCs our on-the-go communication devices, they also allow us to get work done while delivering entertainment. In order to fit all that performance into the sleek shell of a tablet PC, the components that power the technology must be small and high-performance too.

Diodes Incorporated has a multitude of components that provide the high performance and small profile required to be used in a tablet PC. Our timing products of small FCPs enable stable timing along with the smallest package, and our clock generators and buffers offer integration to save board space. Our ReDriver™ products enable the tablet to be connected via long cables and ensure signal integrity. Our switches provide the means to connect to various interfaces and peripherals especially, with the emergence of Type-C connectivity.

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