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Diodes Incorporated provides product designers with a broad range of discrete semiconductor components that are renowned for their quality, high performance and optimized packaging.

With its leading-edge bipolar technology, Diodes has long set the benchmark for bipolar transistor performance with very low saturation voltages and high power density components.

  • The breadth of the Diodes Incorporated MOSFET portfolio enables designers to select a device optimized for their end application. IATF16949.  More
    • Encompassing N- and P-channels, the MOSFET Master Table portfolio ranges from 8V to 650V packaged in single, dual and complementary configurations.  More
    • Diodes' line of MOSFET with integrated SBR combines two areas for one superior product.  More
    • Browse Diodes Incorporated's line of MOSFET plus BJT to find products with twice the capabilities.   More
    • Diodes Incorporated's range of low-side intelliFET self-protected MOSFETs are ideally suited to use in harsh environments.  More
    • Diodes Incorporated’s’ line of MOSFET H-Bridges optimize the design of DC motor control and inverter circuits.  More
    • DIOFET is a proprietary process that monolithically integrates a power MOSFET with a Schottky diode into a single Silicon chip.  More
  • Diodes is ideally positioned to meet your application needs for Bipolar transistors.  More
    • The BJT portfolio covers the majority of transistor requirements with voltages ranging from less than 25V to over 100V.  More
    • Special function devices utilize a wide line up of in-house packaging and superior silicon technology to meet customers' application needs.  More
    • Avalanche transistors are developed to meet customer needs and combine the benefits of transistor die performance with Diodes packaging.  More
    • Gate driver transistors are designed to minimize switching losses with emitter-follower configuration and optimized pin-out.  More
    • Pre-Bias Transistors feature epitaxial planar die construction, built-In biasing resistors and surface mount packages suited for automated assembly.  More
    • Transistor plus Schottky devices feature low saturation transistors combined with Schottky diodes for thin applications.  More
  • Diodes range of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) use advanced Field Stop Trench IGBT Technology to offer rugged performance.  More
    • Our portfolio of diodes includes high voltage switching diodes, tight tolerance Zener diodes, Schottky diodes (less than .5A) and more.  More
    • Our rectifier offering includes standard rectifiers, SBR and SBRT rectifiers, and Schottky rectifiers (.5A and above).  More
  • Diodes Incorporated's protection devices provide leading-edge performance and rugged quality to aid the customer in a successful design.  More
  • Diodes Incorporated's functional arrays are multi-die, simple, application-specific standard products providing solutions in many different markets.  More