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  • Our line of Schottky diodes ranging from .5A to above offers Bridge, Dual, Dual Com. Anode and Single Configuration options.   More
  • Diodes' selection of Standard Rectifiers offers over 14 different Product Types, allowing for a greater possibilities when selecting a part.   More
  • Diodes' line of Fast/Ultra-Fast Rectifiers offers Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers, and Ultra-Fast Rectifiers.   More
  • Diodes' selection of Bridges are renowned for their quality, high performance and optimized packaging.   More
  • SBR, the next generation of Schottky rectifier products, is a proprietary and patented Diodes Incorporated technology.  More
  • Diodes' line of High Performance (SBRs) allows for a variety of selection among both Dual and Single Configuration.   More