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AC-DC 充电器和变压器

大多数现代电子设备皆需要直流电以正常运作。反之,直流电供电的电子设备可以直接从 AC 电源转换,也可以透过以充电器或变压器充电的充电电池转换。

以适合大量产品市场的隔离式返驰和非隔离式高电压降压稳压器为基础,Diodes 已开发各种高效能并具成本效益的 AC-DC 控制器、切换器和相关 IC 芯片,可用于一次侧与二次侧调节,以符合各种电源产品应用,包括传统充电器、快速充电器、小型家电、中等功率机顶盒、网络。

为了方便客户采用相关产品,Diodes 为流行的 AC-DC 充电器和变压器开发出各种终端产品外型平台解决方案,以提供做为参考设计。参考设计套件包括评估板、使用指南、文件系统规格和效能基准,可供用户进行评估和自定义作业。

Classic Charger

Quick Charger

Mid-Power Settop / Networking Adaptor

Small Home Appliance Power

Supporting Discrete Components for Power Solution


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Classic Charger

We offer various cost-effective PSR controllers suitable for charger applications up to 25W with external switch devices. More

Quick Charger

Quick chargers provide rapid charging capability by either raising the output voltage or by sourcing larger output current. More

Mid-Power Set-Top / Networking Adaptor

We offer cost-saving PWM Controller + Schottky / Trench Schottky / SBR solutions, and high-efficiency PWM Controller + SR Controller premium solutions. More

Small Home Appliance Power

Our product families address low-cost requirements for small smart IoT home appliances. More

Supporting Discrete Components for Power Solutions

Standard Rectifiers, Bridges, Fast/Ultra-Fast Rectifiers, Performance (SBR), Zener Diodes, MOSFET Master Table, Channel 31V - 99V, P Channel 31V - 99V More

USB PD Sink Controller

Our USB PD Sink Controllers address the need for ease-of-adoption and sophisticated, flexible system integration. More