Diodes Incorporated

Connectivity & Timing

Our portfolio of ICs with protocol specific functionality for high-speed standards includes PCI Express Packet Switches, PCIe to PCIX Bridges, PCIe to PCI Bridges, PCIe to USB Swidge, PCIe/ PCI/ I2C/ SPI/ 8-bits bus to UART to address the specific design challenges posed by high-speed connectivity of the smaller and faster electronics today.

Our broad offering of timing products enables us to be your complete timing solution partner. Our portfolio includes crystals, crystal oscillators and clock ICs that provide options for your design in terms of performance and cost. Our timing solutions cover output frequencies ranging from kHz to GHz with jitter in the low femtoseconds. Diodes Incorporated’s portfolio of quartz and silicon clock ICs, allows us the possibility to provide customization for your needs while balancing your performance and
cost requirements.

Video: Timing Solutions