Diodes Incorporated

LITE-ON Semiconductor (LSC) Product Change Notices Through 2020


PCN Compliance Date
G5E100B polyimide wafer for improving the stress distribution of the product 2020-12-11 
Qualification WMEC as an additional assembly site to manufacturing DPAK LTTH806LDW device  2020-12-04 
Add 2nd sourcen molding compound EME-G630AY on F5 product for better delivery from Taiwan  2020-04-17
Qualification Anxin 4" Fab is Alternative SGPP Wafer Sources for Bridge Rectifier Products 2020-04-01 
Add lot trace code in laser marking for F5 product  2020-03-13
Add trace code in laser Marking for G20100CF5 & SR2506F5 F5 Product  2020-03-13
TO-252 C1045DW Site Change From Outsourcing to WMEC  2020-03-13
 TO220 & ITO220 AC LF changes from 3pin to 2pin.  2020-02-26
SMD B3200B product Planarwafer IR improvement 2020-02-26
APD manufacture site transfer from SSEC to AM 2019-05-24 
Improve product traceability  2019-05-24
ABS20MH device add Kexin wafer as the 2nd source. 2019-04-10
APD DO-15 SIDAC double convex slug change  2018-10-18
Delta-Pachinko product laser marking change  2018-10-16
Planar wafer IR improvement   2018-10-16
End of Life for MB130L, B130L, B130LB products 2018-07-05
End of Life for G30100CE product 2018-07-03
F3-D Product Marking DC Change / Marking Appearance Layout Change From 2 rows To 3 rows   2018-06-20
SMD change TVS Die size from 56mil to 60mil 2018-06-20
End of Life for 20SQ45DG,SL2050DG,SL20H50DG,20SQ50CG products 2018-05-22
Change SMB 6Row to 16Row design 2018-05-22
End of Life for SBL6030PT, MBR6030PT, MBR6035PT,MBR6040PT, SBL6045PT, SBL6050PT, MBR6050PT product 2018-04-16
End of Life for SBL4030PT, MBR4030PT, SBL4035PT,MBR4035PT, MBR4040PT, SBL4050PT, MBR4050PT product 2018-04-16
End of Life for SBL3030PT, MBR3030PT, SBL3035PT,MBR3035PT, SBL3050PT, MBR3050PT, MBR3060PT,SBL3040PTS product 2018-04-16
End of Life for SBL2030PT, SBL2035PT,SBL2040PT, SBL2045PT, SBL2050PT, SBL2060PT product 2018-04-16
TO-Clip Bond Transfer Program from SSEC to WMEC 2018-02-14
TO247 Clip bond change to Wire bond 2018-02-13
S8XC clip size change 2017-11-29
End of Life for G15100F4 product 2017-10-31
ITO-220 Clip Shape Change PCN 2017-09-27
End of Life for SBL1630PT, SBL1635PT, SBL1640PT, SBL1645PT, SBL1650PT, SBL1660PT product 2017-09-01
1N4148W/1N4148WS add assembly site Xinzhantong 2017-07-14
Modification of Tube for GBU Package 2017-06-17
Modification of Tube length for Bending Lead GBJ 2017-06-12
End of Life for MB130L, B130L and B230LHA products 2017-05-02
End of Life for MBRXX100CE, MBRXX120CE and 20SQ45CG products 2017-04-21
APD TVS Product Green Mold Compound Implement 2016-12-28
Change Clip Joint Method GPP / SCH 2016-11-04
End of Life for MBR10100CD/B140HB/MBRF2080CT /MBR2080CT products 2016-09-02
GBPC/KBPC Package Change Epoxy Type 2016-06-15
MURS360 MURS460C Implement Pedestal LDF 2016-06-14
End of Life for B8150C/FB2100M/B340AZ/B540HC products 2016-05-30
DO15 SIDAC add assembly site ML 2016-05-03
H105D add assembly site ML 2016-04-18
SMC SF GPP Implement Pedestal LDF MURS360 2016-04-18
Add 2nd Source for new compound GPP-BRG 2016-04-18
LS4148 Series / LZ52CXX Series termination paste change from Ag to NiCr and thickness change 2016-04-14
Change Clip Joint Method - FB345D&FB3A45D 2016-03-18
The Clip Shape Change for ITO-220 Product 2016-02-22
 End of Life for LVP640P product  2015-08-25
 End of Life for LTTH1206D/LTTH1206DF 2014-12-30