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How Intelligent MOSFET Switches Are Replacing Automotive Fuses and Relays New Post

The automotive industry's rapid transition to electric or hybrid vehicles, and increasing ADAS and ECU usage, result in more power and computational performance being required to drive new loads and process data in real time.

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Efficient, Flexible LED Backlighting Driver for Large LCD Screens

Demand continues to increase as more and more products add screens, with the automotive industry a significant part of this market growth.

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AH138x and AH139x Hall Effect Switches



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多通道线性 LED 驱动器如何改变混色和调光

LED 的使用已彻底改变各种产品应用的照明,大幅降低功耗同时提高可靠性。

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

From our last Sustainability Report we’ve further improved our practices to be more environmentally aware and proactive in the communities we operate in, and where our employees live and work.

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40V MOSFET 器件提高电动汽车效率

汽车产业正经历一场巨大的转型,从内燃机迅速转向由电池供电的电动汽车 (EV)。世界各国政府都在通过越趋严格的法规,并要求降低排放,而电动汽车是实现这些目标的唯一途径。

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Blog page thumbnail Harnessing PCIe 3.0 for In Vehicle High Speed Connections

利用 PCIe® 3.0 实现车内高速连接功能

随着新车用电子功能和产品应用日益增加 (例如先进驾驶辅助系统 (ADAS)、智能座舱、车载信息服务和信息娱乐系统),车内系统也必须跟上这些需求。

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Blog page thumbnail Small Efficient PoL Converters for Automotive Applications



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PI2MEQX2505 All In One Laptop

ReDrivers™ Ensure Signal Integrity for MIPI-Compliant Cameras

Today’s high-speed interconnects achieve ever-higher data rates into the Gbps range. However, this introduces more design complexity.

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