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How Current Limiting Power Switches Improve Reliability for Automotive Electronics

How Current-Limiting Power Switches Improve Reliability for Automotive Electronics

By Wonsoo Moon, System Engineering Manager

Today’s vehicles are adding more and more electronic components, increasing the overall vehicle cost and exacerbating the growing challenge of protecting components against electrical damage while maintaining reliability.


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pcie 3.0 packet switches are evolving to address power and performance concious applications

PCIe 3.0 封包交換器持續演進,以應對注重功耗和性能的應用

作者:Jen Lee,營銷總監

PCI Express ®(或 PCIe ®)架構已成為服務器和存儲應用中首選的互連標準。雲基礎設施、邊緣設備、電信網絡、5G 基礎設施、嵌入式系統和移動應用程序中越來越多的面向性能的計算需求也依賴於 PCIe。

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Electrical Threats to USB Type C Ports and How to Prevent Them

USB Type-C 連接埠的電氣風險及防範方式

By: Muhammad Zafar Kausar, Junior Applications Engineer

Markets of all types – such as consumer, industrial, and medical – demand smaller, slimmer devices that deliver faster performance, more features, and extra flexibility. The latest USB Type-C® (or USB-C®) interface and Power Delivery (USB PD) specifications are part of the industry’s response to these demands.

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The Complexities of USB Type C and How to Handle Them

USB Type-C 的複雜性與操作方式

作者:初級應用工程師 Muhammad Zafar Kausar

90年代中期問世的通用序列匯流排 (USB),現在已成為一種便利又普遍的互連技術,它簡化了將個人電腦和周邊裝置 (像是印表機、掃描器和鍵盤) 連接線材的數量和多樣性。

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Why PCIe2.0 packet switches video cover photo

為什麼 PCIe 2.0 封包交換器是傳統設計的安全選項,也是新產品可持續使用的選擇

作者:行銷總監 Jen Leector

隨著新版本標準獲得正式批准,數以千計的 OEM 業者賴以為生的方式,是為可能已成為舊型產品的裝置持續提供支援。

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switching converters


By: Ben Tang, Business Development Manager for Power Products

Electronic features are key selling points of today’s vehicles, and are arguably more important than looks or performance.

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load switch video cover photo


By Muhammad Zafar Kausar, Junior Applications Engineer

At face value, the function of a load switch is straightforward; essentially, inserting a MOSFET in series between the power rail and the subsection of circuitry to be controlled, and applying a suitable signal to the gate, provides the desired control.

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Megan Ruddy

Launching my Future in Engineering – Key Learnings about a STEM Career

By Megan Ruddy, Graduate Process Engineer

In the world of technology, we are continuously looking for innovative solutions that are renewable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Consumers expect their products to be better, faster, and ideally, less expensive than what is already on the market.

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Flexible MIPI Switching in Multi Camera Smartphones and More

Flexible MIPI Switching in Multi-Camera Smartphones and More

By Kevin Wu, Product Marketing Manager

The latest generations of smartphones are utilizing twin- and triple-camera designs to meet the high expectations of today’s users, ranging from capturing flattering selfies to semi-pro shooting in support of digital businesses.

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Working for a better future Growing Stakeholder Value through investment in Sustainability

Working for a Better Future: Growing Stakeholder Value Through Investment in Sustainability

By Sheana Chen, Vice President, General Counsel, Sustainability Steering Committee

On March 4th, UNESCO’s World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development will again highlight the crucial role engineering plays in sustainability. Sustainability is a topic that receives attention at the highest levels within Diodes Incorporated (Diodes).

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