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電力電路或需要調節訊號的任何類型電路的中心元件是整流二極體。傳統上,這些應用所使用的產品類型為以下兩者之一:pn 接面二極體與蕭特基勢壘二極體。這些技術在電路設計中皆已非常成熟,並且成為大多數 IC 製造技術的基礎。蕭特基二極體於 1926 年首度問世,接著 1940 年出現 pn 接面二極體。我們將在此討論整流器技術的突破性創新,它獨特地擷取這些傳統裝置各自的優點,並整合為單一元件。

當今的整流裝置與 20 世紀初有很大的差異,但仍受到物理限制而無法適用於某些應用,而且在使用方面仍有許多限制。這些產品通常僅提供部分的設計滿意度,而且在針對特定技術的優點進行設計時,必須做出重大的設計權衡以補償參數上的缺陷。




pn-junction diode

Schottky barrier diode

"fast recovery" diode

Forward Voltage, Vf

High Low High

Reverse Leakage Current, Irm

Low High Low

Breakdown Voltage range, Vrrm

High Medium  High

Surge reliability

High Low  High 

Thermal immunity

High Low  High

Switching Speed, (1/trr)

Low High High 

As can be seen from the above, important operating characteristics are complementary between the pn-junction and the Schottky barrier diode. This is due to the fundamental physics that describes the mode of operation of the two device types.

No device from these families can give satisfaction for relevant parameters. Until now.

Introducing the Super Barrier Rectifier from Diodes Incorporated. State-of-the-art integrated circuit wafer processing technology has allowed the design and manufacturability of a device, which is able to integrate and improve the benefits of the two existing rectifier technologies into a single device. The creation of a finite conduction cellular IC, combined with inherent design uniformity has allowed manufacturing costs to be kept competitive with existing power device technology, thus producing the first real breakthrough in rectifier technology in over two decades. The technology has been designed with some key objectives:

  • Very low on-state losses (Vf), even for high-voltage devices, and operation at elevated currents
  • Low leakage currents, even for higher current devices, and operation at elevated temperatures
  • Dynamic device operation to permit the use of a single component for wide-band operation
  • Increased ruggedness of the device by utilizing precision state-of-the-art IC manufacturing processes
  • Superior surge resistance due to absence of Schottky junctions
  • Versatile design to allow entire product range to benefit from technology, and permit high voltage devices to achieve ultra-low Vf parameter
  • Best-in-class repetitive avalanche capability to compensate for inadequacies of fragile Schottky reverse behavior, thus providing highest reliability factor
  • Tighter parametric distribution to reduce lot-to-lot variations, improving efficiency of design trade-offs
  • Permit the end user a more cost-effective design strategy

Diodes Incorporated has embodied all these desirable functions into a single component, which, through increased efficiency of power-conditioning circuits will increase the value of subsystem design, and through features traditionally incompatible in a single component, permit the development and integration of systems previously not considered.

SBR Application Notes

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AN1010A SBR® Avalanche Energy