Diodes Incorporated

Classic Charger

Classic chargers are mobile phone chargers with an output based on the USB Type-A port to Mini Type-B ports. Commercially available chargers come in different types: feature-rich such as low standby power chargers (<10mW standby power), and value-focus chargers (<75mW industry standard stand-by power). 

We offer various cost-effective PSR controllers without an optocoupler for secondary-side regulation, suitable for charger applications up to 25W with external switch devices. For cost consideration of classical mobile phone chargers, various PSR switchers are offered with either Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT) or Metal-Oxide Semiconductors (MOS) as a switch device co-packaged with a PSR controller die in the SO-7 or SO-8 package.

Reference Design: 

  1. 5W (5V @ 1A) Low Stand-by Power (<10mW) Chargers (AP3984 PSR Switcher)
  2. 10W (5V @ 2A) Cost-Effective Chargers (AP3983RT PSR Switcher + APR3415 SR Switcher)