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reliable timing is essential for telematics

Reliable Timing is Essential for Telematics

By Kai Ying, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

With more insurers now referring to data provided by telematics boxes (T-Boxes), fitted either by the manufacturer or supplied by the insurance company—the use of T-Boxes is on the rise. Alongside providing independent and verifiable data, T-Boxes are also responsible for the overall connected nature of modern vehicles.

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Industry First Enables Port Switching in Next Generation Corporate LANs PI3L2500


作者:Diodes 公司資深行銷主管 Kay Annamalai


儘管現今 1000BASE-T Gigabit 乙太網路仍可為許多部門提供足夠的效能,但這樣的情況日後將可能有所改變。資料成長的原因很多,而 I/O 介面 (例如 DisplayPort™ 和 USB) 則提供了更大的傳輸量。

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作者:Diodes 公司AC-DC產品事業部經理 Richard Lin


由於數百億個新裝置 (其中也包括非連網的數十億個新裝置) 預期投入使用,因此對小型、高效率的外部電源轉換需求也持續增長。

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Looking Beyond the Datasheet New Ways to Use Devices

超越規格書框架 -新的方式使用裝置

作者:Diodes 公司 Isaac Sibson



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Why Logic Makes Sense


作者:Diodes 公司 PTC 行銷主管 Johnny Lu




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Blog post on smaller packages graphic


作者:Diodes 公司產品行銷經理 Shane Timmons



戈登.摩爾 (Gordon Moore) 對積體電路 (IC) 元件密度不斷增長的先知灼見仍被證明是正確的。即使近年來這樣的成長已經趨緩,但輕巧封裝的趨勢仍快速持續著。

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Diodes AP3917 image

Efficient Offline Power for Small Online Appliances

By Richard Lin, AC-DC Business Unit Manager

It is widely acknowledged that, at its heart, the Internet of Things (IoT) comprises countless sensors, actuators, and other devices that add ‘intelligence’ to the connected world. For the IoT to work as intended, many of these devices must be switched on and connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Diodes Incorporateds Synchronous Buck AP6320x

Minimizing EMI in Switched-mode PSUs

By Tu Bui – Senior Marketing/Application Manager

Developers of applications that feature power conversion elements, including home appliances, power tools, industrial and office equipment, will know only too well that electromagnetic interference (EMI) is largely unavoidable. However, they should also know that it can be managed, so that its effects are minimized to the point that they no longer present a problem.

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DIO 6883 AP356xQ MR image

How Hall Effect Switches Enable Autonomous Vehicles

By Charles Kuo, Sensor Marketing Manager

Automotive engineers around the world are immersed in harnessing the latest technologies to bring smart, autonomous vehicles to our roads. Those technologies will also enhance the driver and passenger experience far beyond today’s norm, through intuitive human-machine interfaces and highly personalized cockpits.

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Ultra Low Power Omnipolar Hall Effect Switch DIO 6824 MR Image AH191121

Why Hall Effect Switches Play a Crucial Role in IoT

By Charles Kuo, Worldwide Sensor Marketing Manager

Many words have been written about how the Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the lives of everyone. What is less often said is that at the heart of the IoT is the humble sensor, which enables previously inanimate objects to communicate with each other and to be controlled and monitored.

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