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Level Shifters | Level Translators

Our wide portfolio of level shifter and level translator devices can solve today’s communication issues among mixed applications, as many products are bidirectional and scalable from 1-bit to +32-bits with support for power from 1.5V to 5V.

voltage translator, level shifter, voltage level shift

We offer a variety of voltage level shifters and voltage level translators that provide mixed signal logic functionality as well as multiple supply voltages. Our high-speed voltage translator, voltage shifter, and other specialty Interface IC solutions for memory modules offer high performance with low propagation delays. They support 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit functions with a performance mix of voltage translators. Our variety of universal level shifter (ULS) ICs and voltage translator ICs provide TTL, HSTL and SSTL functions, as well as supply voltages from 1.2V to 5V.

Our serial bridge portfolio ranges from cost-effective I2C/SPI Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (UARTs), to high-performance multi-port PCI express (PCIe) UARTs.

The Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) product line offers line drivers, receivers, transceivers, crosspoints, clock/data distribution and repeaters that solve today's high speed I/O interface translation requirements supporting 8-bit, 16-bit, 18-bit and 32-bit functions.

Our multiplexers and switches offer solutions for a variety of applications with 2, 4, and 8-channel devices. IO expander products are available with I2C bus interface and 2 to 48 IOs. Our GTL devices are used in point to point applications. Our portfolio of Standard Logic devices offer wide supply voltage range and are supported by an array of packages including QFN for small space-constrained systems.

Our line of HDMI and DisplayPort Repeaters equalize input signals and reduce jitter on the display data signal path. Increased signal jitter margin provides engineers the system design flexibility, BOM cost reduction, and improves their time-to-market. Our display switches are compact, highly integrated, cost-competitive, power efficient, and have low jitter and high electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

  • 电压转换 / 电位转换器 (ULS)

    讯号标准不断推陈出新,而电位也持续降低。由于许多产品皆具备双向功能,并可从 1-bit 扩充至 +32-bit,同时支持 1.5 V 至 5 V 通讯电源,现今的设计工程师发现到,自己定期在寻求解决方案来解决这些混合产品应用之间的通讯问题。Diodes 生产各种可提供混合讯号(TTL、HSTL 及 SSTL)和多重供应电压(5 V、3.3 V、2.5 V、1.8 V 及 1.2 V)的转换 IC。 More

  • UART ─ 串口桥接器

    I2C/SPI UARTs (Universal asynchronous receiver / transmitter) are offered in 1 and 2 port configurations with several enhanced features. PCIe UARTs are offered in 2, 4 and 8 port configurations. More

  • 低电压差动讯号 (LVDS)

    Diodes 的 LVDS(低电压差动讯号)装置具备高效能 5 V、3.3 V、2.5 V 及 1.8 V 特性,其传输延迟低于 2.0ns,可满足现今的高速 I/O 接口需求。LVDS 系列产品提供线性驱动器、接收器、收发器、交叉点、频率 / 资料配送及中继器,可满足现今支持 8-bit、16-bit、18-bit 及 32-bit 功能的高速 I/O 接口传输需求。 More

  • 接口逻辑

    Diodes 为内存模块提供高速电压转换器、效能逻辑及其他特殊接口 IC 解决方案。这些产品具备高效能 5 V、3.3 V、2.5 V 及 1.8 V 特性,其传输延迟低于 2.0ns,支持 8-bit、16-bit、18-bit 及 32-bit 功能。逻辑接口系列产品具备高效能 5 V、3.3 V、2.5 V 及 1.8 V 特性,其传输延迟低于 2.0ns。此系列产品支持 8-bit、16-bit、18-bit、24-bit 及 32-bit 功能,并具备电压转换器效能组合。 More

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  • 聚合器

    Diodes 的聚合器支持低速讯号管理以及 I2C 聚合至单一高速 I2C 或 SPI 总线。I2C/SPI 四埠扩充器可将四个低速端口聚合至具有进阶功能的单一信道。 More