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Online Product Training Modules

  • Designing with Diodes Incorporated Current Monitors

    Designing with Diodes Incorporated Current Monitors

    This tutorial discusses the various current monitors available from Diodes Incorporated along with several design examples which utilize them in their applications.
  • Selecting Gate Driver Tutorial

    Selecting Gate Driver Tutorial

    2018-11-29: In this presentation we will go through the process of selecting and optimising the Gate Driver for your application.We will split this into three areas: Selection and Design-in Criteria, Key external component selection, Optimal layout considerations
  • How to Select an Appropriate Gate Driver

    How to Select an Appropriate Gate Driver

    This presentation will go through the process of selecting and optimizing the Gate Driver for an application. It will be covering three main areas that include; Selection and Design-in Criteria, Key External Component Selection, and Optimal Layout Considerations.
  • Timing Solutions

    Timing Solutions

    Diodes Incorporated has a total timing solution, detailed in this presentation, that provides multiple options for you to meet the user’s design goals and optimize performance and cost. They also have a full range of automotive timing solutions that have the necessary automotive qualifications.
  • USB Switch

    USB Switch

    This presentation will introduce Pericom’s USB switch products as well as discuss their advantages and typical applications. It will review the basic operation and functions of USB switches. The presentation will overview the portfolio of Pericom’s USB products and discuss typical applications for these devices.
  • PCIe UART Solutions

    PCIe UART Solutions

    This module will highlight some of the key features of the Pericom PI7C9X795x product family. In addition to the basic block diagram and typical applications, available collateral will also be reviewed.
  • PCIe USB 3.0 ReDriver Product Training Module

    PCIe/ USB 3.0 ReDriver Product Training Module

    Overview of PCIe/ USB 3.0 ReDriver Products
  • High Speed SAS SATA ReDriver Solutions

    High Speed SAS/SATA ReDriver Solutions

    Overview of Pericom High Speed SAS/SATA ReDriver Solutions.
  • High Speed Switch Solutions

    High Speed Switch Solutions

    Introduces High Speed Signal Switch for PCIe, XAUI, SATA, and SAS Protocols
  • PI7C9X440SL and PI7C9X44SL PCIe Bridge Overview

    PI7C9X440SL and PI7C9X44SL PCIe Bridge Overview

    PI7C9X440SL to USB 2.0 Host Controller and PI7C9X44SL to USB 2.0 Swidge in Wifi and Telecom Applications
  • Total Timing Technology

    Total Timing Technology

    Review of total Timing solution portfolio which enables customers with true freedom in timing design
  • Super Barrier Rectifier SBR

    Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR®)

    Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR®)
  • IntelliFETs


    This tutorial will provide an overview of Diodes Inc.’s self protected MOSFETs and how they meet environmental demands in automotive and industrial applications. The features and benefits of Diodes Inc.’s IntelliFETs will also be discussed.
  • High Power LED Driving Solutions ZXLD1350

    High Power LED Driving Solutions-ZXLD1350

    This tutorial takes you through a step by step design example to illustrate how to design using the ZXLD1350 including component selection, design calculations, tips and how to avoid potential problems.

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