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您正在寻找具有未来性的工作吗?Diodes 公司目前有多项职务正在招募积极、经验丰富且希望从事电子及半导体产业的人选。

Diodes 公司总部及美洲销售办公室位于美国德州普拉诺。设计、营销与工程中心位于普拉诺、加州圣荷西、台湾台北、英国曼彻斯特及德国纽豪斯。Diodes 的晶圆生产设施位于密苏里州堪萨斯市及曼彻斯特,另外在中国上海亦设有两座生产设施。Diodes 在中国上海、成都以及纽豪斯、台北皆设有组装与测试设施。另外在多个据点设有工程、销售、仓储及物流办公室,包括德州沃斯堡 (Fort Worth)、台北、香港、曼彻斯特、中国上海、深圳、南韩城南市、南韩水原市、日本东京以及德国慕尼黑,并于世界各地设有支持办公室。

如要应征我们目前的职缺,请从下面的 Diodes 工作机会列表选择,然后依照说明进行。如要提交您的履历,但不应征特定职缺,请单击这里

  • You’ll work within Corporate Marketing’s Marcom group and collaborate with employees in Engineering, Quality, Sales, Marketing, and Finance departments.  More
  • At its core, this role is primarily focused on introducing new products and managing their marketing through distributors.  More
  • Diodes Incorporated is a Material Handler at Milpitas, CA to provide professional experience in product packing and daily delivery schedule control.  More
  • Perform and manage new product characterization, qualification and release to market, and maintain product support in terms of yield and customer issues.   More
  • Will maintain a sound knowledge and understanding of discrete semiconductor device technologies in the market place and transfer that knowledge to others.   More
  • Customer Quality Engineer will serve as customer's advocate and quality and reliability champion for Diodes customer accounts in North American and Asia.  More
  • Diodes Incorporated is seeking a Field Applications Engineer responsible for supporting customer accounts to proactively solve design challenges.   More