Diodes Incorporated


Our portfolio of charger controllers provide fast, reliable charge termination in both NiCd and NiMH battery applications, power tools, and consumer electronics. We also offer fully integrated single-cell Li-ion battery charger ICs, which operate in a constant-current/constant-voltage (CC/CV) charging profile, without employing external FETs or blocking diodes. These devices feature:

  • Five charging states for different battery conditions
  • Excellent battery protection and full-charge detection schemes
  • Fuel-gauge counter that accounts for battery self-discharge compensation
  • Key delay functionality to reject multiple inputs at Tact switch (about 0.125s ignorance)
  • Internal voltage regulator
  • Integrated DC/DC step-down controller

Charger FAQs

Is there a replacement for an obsolete part?

Not all obsolete parts will have a direct replacement. However, we recommended that you contact your regional sales office.

What are the types of jitter?

There are several types of jitter, but the main ones are: cycle-to-cycle jitter, period jitter, half period jitter, and peak-to-peak jitter. Jitter terminology can be found in AB36: Jitter Measurement Techniques at Application Brief No. 36 or Application Note No. 27.

What is the lead finish for Pericom products? What about lead-free?

All Pericom's products that are not lead-free are composed of 85% Sn and 15% Pb. For lead-free products, they are composed of 100% matte Sn. Lead-free products are marked and ordered with the letter "E" suffix at the end of the part number.

Where can I find Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) or Failures In Time (FIT) values for Pericom products?

FIT and MTBF data can be found at Pericom's Quality webpage.

Where can I find the information on your Pb-free and "Green" packaging?

Lead (Pb)-Free and Green information can be found on individual datasheets or Pb-Free & Green Page.