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High-speed signal routing is Diodes' focus within the Silicon Switch™ product family such as Signal Switch IC and Multiplexers. Our patented Charge Pump technology provides the highest signal integrity and achieves the most efficient and clear signal routing for data rates up to 12 Gbps.

Diodes is a member of PCI-SIG®, HDMI™, USB.org, and VESA®. Diodes' PCI-Express® 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort™, LVDS, USB 2.0 with SuperSpeed 3.0, and SATA2.0, SATA3.0, SAS1.0, SAS2.0, 10GE, Thunderbolt signal switches have all been designed with the application clearly in mind. Customers that design for digital television, set-top box, notebook PC and desktop PC applications benefit from our breadth of knowledge and design technology in routing high-speed signals across PCB or cables.

See our Type-C connector solution.

There are 3 categories of signal switches/multiplexers. They are Analog Switch, Digital Bus Switch and Protocol Switch

  • Analog Switches Diodes offers a wide voltage range, fast speeds and advanced packaging options ideal for ultra mobility applications. These switch solutions feature low noise, low voltage and low on-resistance with 50 functions offered in SPST, SPDT and Mux. Benefits: Low noise in 1.8 V - 17 V 50 functions offered in SPST, SPDT, and Mux Low voltage & low on-resistance combinations Analog Video Switches Two concerns observed by the majority of design engineers designing systems with analog…  More
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  • Our broad portfolio of protocol switches includes: PCI Express Signal Switches, LAN Signal Switches, DisplayPort Switches, HDMI / DVI / MHL Switches, SAS/ SATA/ DDR Switches, ThunderBolt Switches, USB Switches, XAUI Switches  More
    • Diodes offers a broad portfolio of high speed differential signal switches with 3dB bandwidth designed to enable peripheral connectivity applications.  More
    • LAN Signal Switch family is intended for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet applications for physical layer switching.  More
    • DisplayPort Switches Please see our broad portfolio of DisplayPort Switches and ReDrivers below.   More
    • HDMI / DVI / MHL Switches Our HDMI switches are targeted for high resolution video networks that are based on DVI/HDMI standards and TMDS signal processing.    More
    • SAS/ SATA/ DDR Switches   More
    • ThunderBolt switches for next generation digital video signals.   More
    • Diodes offers a broad portfolio of USB switches specifically designed to enable a range of applications to achieve single port connectivity.  More
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