Diodes Incorporated

Current Monitors - Automotive

Our automotive current monitors are high-performance, high-side referred current measurement ICs. They greatly simplify the measurement of load currents without disturbing the ground plane/reference point.

The automotive current monitor families contain variants with quiescent currents as low as 3µA, and others with operating voltages up to 60V, proving solutions for Li-ion current measurement to over-current detection in industrial and automotive applications.

We have two types of automotive current monitors:

Current Output

The Current-Output Monitors convert a measured current to a ground-referenced output, which greatly simplifies high-sided current measurement. Gain is set by external resistors ensuring versatility while minimizing component count. These high-performance parts meet the accuracy requirements of many demanding applications.

Voltage Output

These have fixed gain and tighter offsets than the automotive current output devices and offer overall smaller footprint solutions than the current output devices.