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PI3WVR12412 (Obsolete)

6Gbps 4-Lane DP1.2 / HDMI 2.0 Switch

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Product Description

The PI3WVR12412 is a multi-standard video switch with wide voltage range capability. It supports HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, and emerging and proprietary standard. PI3WVR12412 can pass high-speed signals up to 1.2 V peak-topeak differential with a common-mode voltage from 0 to 3.4V for TMDS signal. The wide voltage range allow DC-coupled multi-standard operation. Eliminating AC coupling capacitors saves board space and improves signal integrity for dense PCB design. The high speed channels can also pass 0V-3.3V CMOS signals up to 1MHz. In addition to four high-speed lanes, PI3WVR12412 also switches the DDC and HPD signals or AUX and HPD signals using the DDC/ AUX and HPD channel mux/demux.


  • 4-lane, 1:2 mux/demux that will support RBR, HBR1, or HBR2
  • Data rate: 3.4 Gbps to 6.0 Gbps for high data channels
  • Supports DDC with HPD channel mux/demux @ HDMI
  • Supports 720 Mbps high-speed DP AUX @ DP
  • -1.7 dB Insertion Loss for Dx channels @ 3.0 GHz
  • -3 dB Bandwidth for Dx channels: 4.8 GHz
  • Return loss for Dx channels @ 3.0 GHz: -16 dB
  • Low Crosstalk for high speed channels: -25 dB@6.0 Gbps
  • Low Off Isolation for high speed channels: -22dB@6.0 Gbps
  • Low channel-to-channel skew, 35ps max
  • Low Bit-to-Bit Skew, 5ps typ (between '+' and '-' bits)
  • VDD Operating Range: 3.3V +/-10%
  • ESD Tolerance: 2kV HBM
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green): 42 TQFN (ZHE)


  • Routing of HDMI 2.0 video signals with low signal attenuation between source and sink for 4K2K ultra high definition video display and broadcast video equipment.
  • Routing of DisplayPort video signals with low signal attenuation between source and sink for PC and monitor.

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Analog or Digital? Analog
Channels 8,4
Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Configuration 1:2/2:1 Mux/Demux
Differential Channels 8,4
HotInsertion 0
Lanes 8,4
Lanes/Ports 8,4
OtherFeatures None
Rail-to-Rail 0
Signal Type Differential
Single Ended Channels N/A
Ambient or Junction Temperature (°C) -40 to 105
Voltage 3.3

Product Change Notices (PCNs)

A PCN may only apply to specific orderable part numbers in this datasheet. Please refer to the corresponding PCN to see the exact orderable part number(s) affected.

PCN # Issue Date Implementation Date Subject
PCN-2654 2024-02-15 2024-04-28 Device End of Life (EOL)
PCN-2436 2019-11-14 2020-05-14 Device End of Life (EOL)
PCN-2328 2018-04-12 2018-10-12 Device End of Life for tray packaging only


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