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Our Commitment to Sustainability

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Diodes Incorporated (Diodes) is committed to applying environmentally sustainable business practices to help minimize the impact our operations and supply chain have on our environment and communities. The health and safety of our employees and business partners is a critical component in the design and implementation of our sustainable business practices. Over the long-term, we believe our stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and communities) benefit from this environmental responsibility-oriented approach we take towards managing our business operations and our supplier engagement.

In our most recent  Sustainability Report, we provide a framework of our approach towards sustainability and detail the various actions we take to empower sustainable and ethical business practices.  We’ve further improved our practices to be more environmentally aware and proactive in the communities we operate in, and where our employees live and work.

Here are some examples of the steps we’ve taken on this initiative: we replaced outdated tools with newer, more efficient equipment in several of our global manufacturing sites to realize additional energy savings, and to reduce water consumption and wastewater generation. For example, our Greenock, UK (GFAB) manufacturing site upgraded to more technologically advanced solid-state chillers that provide better temperature control, approximately 70% less power consumption, and approximately 60% less plant cooling water (PCW) compared to the previously installed chillers.

Across the globe, we saw an increase in renewable energy consumption from our factories with non-grid electricity consumption more than tripling and renewable energy accounting for almost a third of consumed energy, up from under a quarter in the previous year.

Percentage of Energy Consumed from Grid Electricity

Percentage of Consumed Renewable Energy

Our manufacturing sites generated approximately 38% less hazardous waste than the previous year. One example comes from a manufacturing site in Shanghai, which adopted new waste-reduction equipment and decreased its hazardous waste generation by approximately 40%. We also recycled approximately 73% of our hazardous waste, up from approximately 57%. This increased recycling rate was primarily due to improved recycling practices, and the purchase of our South Portland, Maine, USA wafer fabrication facility (SPFAB), of which recycled approximately 98% of its hazardous waste.

Several large-scale projects have contributed to reduced energy consumption through more efficient means and by generating renewable energy at our manufacturing sites. These include:

  • Capital investment in excess of $800,000 for the installation of several solar panel arrays with a capacity of >220kW on rooftops at our Hsinchu, Taiwan wafer fab. 
  • Investment of more than $2 million in a magnetic suspension chiller to replace an aged screw chiller at one of our Shanghai assembly and test sites. The new chiller was installed in early 2023. It’s expected that it will reduce chiller energy consumption by approximately 45% annually while providing an extended service life of 30 years.

We’ve continued to build on these achievements and find new ways to approach our business and industry in a more sustainable manner.

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