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Lighting - Automotive

Simple, efficient solutions for automotive lighting - Modern vehicles are not only more visible – day and night – but are also safer and more efficient in their lighting. Advanced LED lighting solutions not only reduce accidents and are far more efficient than incandescent lamps, they also increase the style factor of the vehicles. We've supplied solid-state lighting solutions for more than 20 years – starting with BJT for HID lamps and now with high-efficiency switching LED drivers for all types of forward and rear lamps as well as simple solutions for interior lamps. Our LED drivers are renowned for simplicity, versatility and efficiency.

  • Front Lighting

    Exterior Front Lighting - Automotive

    Modern vehicle front lamp types and styles vary enormously – fueled by the efficiencies and capabilities that LED lamps bring. More

  • Rear Lighting

    Rear Lighting - Automotive

    LED rear lamps have evolved from their safety and efficiency improvement beginnings to styling and information and now animation. More

  • Interior lighting

    Interior - Automotive

    Interior LED lighting is increasing in use across all vehicle classes – not just as incandescent replacements but also for user experience improvements. More