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AP3843C (Not Recommended for new design)

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The AP3842C/3C/4C/5C are high performance fixed frequency current-mode PWM controller series. These integrated circuits are optimized for off-line and DC-DC converter applications with minimum external components. They feature under-voltage lockout (UVLO) circuit with low start-up current, trimmed oscillator for precise duty cycle control, current sense comparator providing maximum current limiting and a totem pole output stage for increasing output current. In addition, these ICs also feature accurate protection against over-temperature, over-current and maximal output power. The AP3842C and AP3844C have UVLO thresholds of 16V(on) and 10V(off); The corresponding thresholds for AP3843C and AP3845C are 8.4 V(on) and 7.6V(off). The AP3842C and AP3843C can operate approaching 100% duty cycle; AP3844C and AP3845C can operate from zero to 50% duty cycle.


· Low Start-up Current: 50μA · Robust VREF Line/Load Regulation - Low Line Regulation : 4mV - Low Load Regulation : 4mV · High Stability of Reference Voltage over a Full Temperature Range: 0.2mV/C · Operating Frequency up to 500kHz · High PWM Frequency Stability over a Full Temperature Range: 2.5% · High PWM Frequency Stability under a Full Supply Voltage Range: 0.2% · Accurate Over-temperature Protection with Hysteresis · UVLO with Hysteresis


· Off-line Converter · DC-DC Converter · Voltage Adapter · CRT Monitor Power Supply · Desktop Power Supply · DVD/STB Power Supply

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PCN-2514 2021-03-09 2021-06-09 Additional Wafer Source JKFAB
PCN-2481 2020-08-26 2021-02-26 Device End of Life (EOL)