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AP3766 (Not Recommended for new design)

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The AP3766 is a high performance AC/DC power supply controller for °C drivers, battery charger and adapter applications. The device uses Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) method to build discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) flyback power supplies. The AP3766 provides accurate constant voltage, constant current (CV/CC) regulation while removing the opto-coupler and secondary control circuitry. It also eliminates the need of loop compensation circuitry while maintaining stability. The AP3766 achieves excellent regulation and high average efficiency, yet meets the requirement for no-load consumption less than 30mW.


  • Primary Side Control for Rectangular Constant Current and Constant Voltage Output
  • Sub-microampere Start-up Current
  • 30mW No-load Input Power Feasible
  • Tight CC Regulation Performance
  • Eliminates Opto-coupler and Secondary CV/CC Control Circuitry
  • Eliminates Control Loop Compensation Circuitry
  • Flyback Topology in DCM Operation
  • Random Frequency Modulation to Reduce System EMI
  • Built-in Soft Start
  • Open Feedback Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • SOT-26 Package


  • LED Drivers
  • Adapters/Chargers for Cell/Cordless Phones, PDAs, MP3 and Other Portable Apparatus
  • Standby and Auxiliary Power Supplies

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