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Bizlink announces World’s first VirtualLinkTM adapter in partnership with Diodes PI3USB3200 USB3.1Gen2/USB2.0 VR Mux


Diodes' PI3USB3200 is a 3-to-2 differential channel multiplexer/ demultiplexer switch. This solution can switch multiple signal types up to data rate of 10Gbps. Using a unique design technique, Diodes is able to optimize the impedance and capacitance of the switch where the attenuation observed through the switch is minimal. The wide-input voltage range and protection features enable mixed analog signal design on USB legacy or USB Type-C connector. The unique design technique also offers a layout targeted for USB2.0, USB3.1 signals, which minimizes the channel-to-channel skew as well as channel-to-channel crosstalk as required by high-speed signals. 


  • Routing high-speed differential signals, such as USB3.1 Gen2, USB2.0 in VR Application 


  • Differential Channel, 3:2 Mux/DeMux
  • Up to 10Gbps for Applications including USB2.0, USB3.1 Gen2
  • Bidirectional operation
  • 3dB Bandwidth: 7.0GHz
  • Low Bit-to-Bit Skew, 5ps typ
  • Low Channel-to-Channel Skew, 10ps typ
  • Low Insertion Loss: -2.4dB @5GHz
  • Return Loss: -10dB @ 5GHz
  • Low-Power Consumption 50uA typ
  • Supply Voltage 2.7V to 4.0V
  • Support Overvoltage Protection
  • Protection Feature
    • Ioff Protection for Current Leakage in Power-Down Mode
    • D1, D2 Pins Tolerance to 5.5V
  • ESD Performance
    • 2KV (HBM) and 1KV (CDM)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Analog or Digital? Analog
Configuration Mux, 3:2 Differential Channel
Differential Channels 3
HotInsertion N/A
Lanes 3
OtherFeatures N/A
RailToRail 1
Signal Type Differential and Single Ended
Single Ended Channels N/A
Type MUX
Voltage 3.3

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PI3USB3200ZBBEX Active V-QFN4525-20 GREEN 2500 T&R Request Sample
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Environmental Compliance Legend:
GREEN: Halogen-free and RoHS compliant
RoHS: RoHS compliant but NOT halogen-free