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The ZXSC440 is a dedicated photoflash charger, charging an 80μF photoflash capacitor to 300V in 3.5 seconds from a 3V supply. The flyback conversion efficiency is typically 75%, much higher than the commonly used discrete charging circuits. The Charge pin enables the circuit to be initiated from the camera's microprocessor, using negligible current when flash is not being used. The Ready pin signals the microprocessor when the flash is charged and ready to be fired. A small amount of hysteresis on the voltage feedback shuts down the device as long as the capacitor remains fully charged, again using negligible current.


  • Charges a 80μF photoflash capacitor to 300V in 3.5 seconds from 3V
  • Charges various value photoflash capacitors
  • Over 75% flyback efficiency
  • Charge and Ready pins
  • Consumes only 4.5μA when not charging
  • Small MSOP8 low profile package
  • Application(s)

  • Digital camera flash unit
  • Film camera flash unit
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Frequency (Hz) 200K Fixed
    Minimum and Maximum Input Voltage (V) 1.8 to 8 V
    Output Voltage (V) VIN to VM V
    Efficiency (%) 85 %
    Quiescent Current Typ (mA) 150 μA
    Type Boost

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