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The ZXLD1366 is a continuous mode inductive step-down converter, designed for driving single or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage. The device operates from an input supply between 6V and 60V and provides an externally adjustable output current of up to 1A. 
The ZXLD1366 has been qualified to AECQ100 Grade 1 enabling operation in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +125°C. 
The ZXLD1366 uses a high-side output current sensing circuit which uses an external resistor to set the nominal average output current. The output current can be adjusted above, or below the set value, by applying an external control signal to the 'ADJ' pin. Enhanced output current dimming resolution can be achieved by applying a PWM signal to the ‘ADJ’ pin. 
Soft-start can be forced using an external capacitor from the ADJ pin to ground. Applying a voltage of 0.2V or lower to the ADJ pin turns the output off and switches the device into a low current standby state.


  • Automotive Lighting 
  • Low Voltage Industrial Lighting 
  • LED Back-up Lighting 
  • Illuminated Signs 
  • Emergency Lighting 
  • SELV Lighting 
  • Refrigeration Lights


  • Typically better than 0.8% output current accuracy 
  • Simple and with low part count 
  • Single pin on/off and brightness control using DC voltage or PWM 
  • PWM resolution up to 1000:1 
  • High efficiency (up to 97%) 
  • Switching frequencies up to 1MHz 
  • Wide input voltage range: 6V to 60V 
  • Inherent open-circuit LED protection 
  • Available in thermally enhanced Green molding packages
    • SO-8EP θJA = +45°C/W 
    • V-DFN3030-6 θJA = +44°C/W 
    • TSOT25 θJA = +82°C/W 
  • Totally Lead-free & Fully RoHS Compliant  
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device  
  • Qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1
    • SO-8EP ZXLD1366EN8TC 
    • TSOT25 ZXLD1366ET5TA 

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Qualified to AECQ10x Yes
Automotive Compliant PPAP ZXLD1366Q
Topologies (Buck) Yes
Topologies (Buck-Boost) No
Topologies (Boost) No
Minimum Input Voltage 6 V
Maximum Input Voltage 60 V
Maximum Output Voltage 60 V
Maximum LED Current 1 A
LED Current Accuracy 2.5 %
Switching Frequency Maximum 625 kHz
Dimming (PWM) Yes
Dimming (Analog) Yes
Efficiency 95 %
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 125 °C
Sense Voltage 200 mV
AEC-Q100 Grade 1

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Recommended Soldering Techniques
Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
ZXLD1366DACTC Arrow Electronics Central EU 3000 1/19/2020 Buy Now Germany
ZXLD1366DACTC Digi-Key Electronics 10983 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366DACTC Mouser Electronics Inc. 2080 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366DACTC RS Components Ltd. 5085 1/19/2020 Buy Now Japan
ZXLD1366DACTC Future Electronics 3000 1/18/2020 Buy Now Canada
ZXLD1366DACTC Future Electronics - Europe 9000 1/18/2020 England
ZXLD1366DACTC RS Components 5085 1/18/2020 Buy Now England
ZXLD1366EN8TC Arrow Electronics Central EU 5000 1/19/2020 Buy Now Germany
ZXLD1366EN8TC Digi-Key Electronics 15380 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366EN8TC Mouser Electronics Inc. 2810 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366EN8TC RS Components Ltd. 3450 1/19/2020 Buy Now Japan
ZXLD1366EN8TC Future Electronics - Asia 2500 1/18/2020 Singapore
ZXLD1366EN8TC RS Components 3450 1/18/2020 Buy Now England
ZXLD1366ET5TA Arrow Electronics 599 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366ET5TA Arrow Electronics 2898 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366ET5TA Digi-Key Electronics 1772 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366ET5TA Farnell, An Avnet Company 2352 1/19/2020 Buy Now England
ZXLD1366ET5TA Mouser Electronics Inc. 5067 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXLD1366ET5TA RS Components Ltd. 12 1/19/2020 Buy Now Japan
ZXLD1366ET5TA Future Electronics 3000 1/18/2020 Buy Now Canada
ZXLD1366ET5TA RS Components 28 1/18/2020 Buy Now England
ZXLD1366QEN8TC Mouser Electronics Inc. 2380 1/19/2020 Buy Now United States